PAA In House Softball


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Pennsbury Athletic Association is a chartered Babe Ruth organization. Players from 5 to 18 years old are eligible. Our PAA softball program is oriented to achieve a healthy balance of instruction and developmental skills that will allow the girls to play the game safely, competently, confidently, and eventually – competitively. See the Age Guide for exact birthdate eligibility. Our boundaries are as follows:


PAA serves families throughout Lower Makefield Township, PA; Yardley Borough, PA; Morrisville Borough, PA and portions of Falls Township, PA that lie west and north of Route 1.

In addition, if a child attends a school that is within the defined boundaries of The PAA but lives outside of the boundary, they are now eligible to play here.  


*I live outside of the boundaries but my son attends Charles Boehm Middle School - I am now able to play for The PAA"

Yes, you are now eligible for The PAA and will remain so once you complete a season in the league.





Frank Ehrenfeld


Phone: 609-929-4211